About Us

The Arizona Taxidermy Association (ATA) is a volunteer based nonprofit organization.  Our main goal and objective is to promote the highest standards in the Fine Art and Science of Taxidermy and to strive to produce high quality work.   The ATA seeks to foster a good understanding to general public about the field of taxidermy.

The ATA aspires to further contacts and a better understanding between taxidermists and related industries.

The ATA encourages the constructive and positive exchange of ideas and techniques among its members and guests to better the individual and the industry. We aim to foster an environment where anyone can ask a question of the members and feel confident that that other members will try to help you get the correct answer.

If you are a Master Taxidermist, an amateur taxidermist, a beginner or a hobbyist you should become a part of the ATA.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn from attending our seminars and annual show and completion.  You will make lifelong friendships and gain a whole new respect for high quality taxidermy work.