2017 Show Registration

Registration is now open for the 2017 Convention. A Word document is available here or you can register online below.

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Custom Entries: (Price is in addition to original entry fee)
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*Categories include: Life Size, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Game Heads, Original Artwork/Novelties
*Divisions include: Novice, Professional, Masters, Commercial and Collective Artist


1.“Best-All-Around Taxidermist” Entrants must declare their intent to compete when registering. Four mounts must be specified, one in each of the following categories (1) Gamehead (2) Fish (3) Birds (4) Lifesize (5) Reptile. All mounts may be entered in either Masters or Professional division but will be judged at Masters level for the award. Winner will be chosen by cumulative points of the 4 mounts entered. In case of a tie, the judges will determine the winner.

2.”Best of West Grand Master” category consists of 4 mounts. Two of the mounts must be Whitetail and Mule Deer. The other 2 mounts must be from the following: Black Bear, Javelina, Mountain Lion, Sheep or Antelope. Will be judged at Masters division level.

You must be a current ATA Member and pay a registration fee to attend any seminars, auctions, or enter the vendor room.

Note: Any mount considered in poor taste by the Competition Panel will not be accepted for competition due to anti-hunting pressure and PETA, etc. Federally endangered and protected species can be entered only with the proper permits attached. (This includes TRANSPORTATION permits.)

Any mount or part thereof that has previously won any ribbon in an ATA (Formally ATAA) competition cannot be re-entered.

Commercial mounts that have been entered in any other competition may not be entered.

Popular vote will determine the People’s Choice Award.

All possible precautions will be taken to protect your mounts, but in the event of an accident due to fire, theft, malicious damage, flood, civil disturbance or any other event, the Arizona Taxidermy Association and its members will not be held liable for damages. If you feel it is necessary, please secure your own liability insurance.

I have read and agree to all the rules governing this competition as stated in the ATA Bylaws (Formally the ATAA). Copies of the ATA Bylaws are available here or at the ATA booth.

I agree to leave all mounts entered in competition in place until the completion of the competition. The Board reserves the right to allow certain mounts to leave for special circumstances.

I certify that the above entries were mounted and finished by me without assistance.