Daniel Meng


Daniel Meng of Dakota Taxidermy is an exceptionally talented young man. With connections to several zoos and museums in Ohio, Daniel has had the opportunity to handle live animals and the hides of animals most of us can only dream of.
At 14, Daniel was commissioned by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to mount a cheetah. In 2009 he entered the World Taxidermy Championship and won the Best Novice category at age 15. By age 21 Daniel has won several awards at National and World level, including the 2016 World Champion Large Mammal award with a Leopard. Daniels’ extensive knowledge of mammals and time spent working with many World Champions makes Daniel a welcome addition to the 2017 ATA Judges line up.

Scott Humble

Birds, Fish, and Reptiles

Scott’s fascination with the art of taxidermy began as a young boy at the age of 12 through the JW Elwood supply company correspondence course. He entered his first taxidermy competition at the age of 17 and has been an active competitor ever since. He believes participation in taxidermy conventions and competitions is essential for each of us to reach our potential as taxidermy artists. He has been fortunate to meet many talented and inspiring people over the years through my association with different taxidermy organizations. He enjoys teaching others and helps them to improve their work. He is an All Around Taxidermist and has won numerous awards over the years. Highlight so far was winning Best in World Recreation and Best all Around Taxidermist in the Masters division at the 2015 World Taxidermy and Fish Carving championships. Scott will be painting a large mouth bass and discussing paint applications, layering one color over another to achieve special effects. He will discuss proper fin placement, reference casts for anatomical accuracy. This can be applied to all forms of taxidermy. This seminar is must see. It will be so much more than painting a fish.