2017 Awards

Breakthrough Award -Dale Robertson- Mountain Lion
Best of Show -Dale Robertson- Mountain Lion
State Champion: Best Lifesize -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion
Tru-Fitt “People Choice” -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion
Evridge Knives “Best Predator” -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion
NTA Taxidermist of the Year -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion
McKenzie Taxidermist’s Choice: Best Lifesize -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion
People’s Choice Award Lifesize -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion
Best Habitat: 1st -Dale Robertson -Mountain Lion

State Champion: Best Gamehead-Chris Krueger -Baboon
Taxidermy Today “Woody Award”-Chris Krueger -Baboon
The SCI Award for “Best African/Exotic Mount”-Chris Krueger -Baboon

State Champion: Best Bird-Shawn Shaw -Pheasant
Pro 1 Award– Shawn Shaw -Pheasant
Best All Around-Shawn Shaw

State Champion: Best Fish-Terry Johnson -Blue Gill
Polytranspar Award– Terry Johnson -Blue Gill
Fish Photo Challenge-Terry Johnson -Blue Gill
Star*Fish Award-Terry Johnson -Blue Gill

State Champion: Best Reptile-Bob Mead -Turtle

Best of Category Professional: Best Lifesize-Jonathan Cazares -Grey Fox
Mounted In Alaska “Best Life Mount that tells a Story”-Jonathan Cazares -Gray Fox & Ringtail

Best of Category Professional: Best Gamehead-Traci Rhodes -Antelope
Species Challenge Award Antelope-Traci Rhodes -Antelope

Best of Category Professional: Best Bird-Kyle Thorn -Hooded Merganser
People’s Choice Award- Birds-Kyle Thorn -Hooded Merganser

Best of Category Professional: Best Reptile-Shawn Shaw -Turtle

Ducks Unlimited “Best Waterfowl”-Kyle Thorn -Mallard
Best Habitat: 3rd-Kyle Thorn -Turkey

Best of Category Professional: Best Fish-John Rougeaux -Rainbow Trout
McKenzie Taxidermist’s Choice: Best Fish-John Rougeaux -Rainbow Trout

Van Dyke’s Award-Dale Robertson -Elk
UTA “Artisans Award”-Dale Robertson -Elk
Arizona Deer Association “Best Antlered Mount” -Dale Robertson -Elk
RMEF “Best ELK Mount”-Dale Robertson
Best Habitat: 2nd –Dale Robertson -Elk

Tohickion “Best Furbearer”-Chris Krueger -Ringtail
WASCO– Chris Krueger -Ringtail

People’s Choice Award-Reptile-Jim Hartsock -Crocodile

People’s Choice Award-Fish-Terry Johnson -Small Mouth Bass

Collective Artists Award-Southwest Wildlife -Giraffe
People’s Choice Award-Gamehead-Southwest Wildlife – Giraffe

Mule Deer Foundation “Best Mule Deer”– Chuck Meacham

CouesWhitetail.com “Best Coues Deer”-Chuck Meacham
McKenzie Taxidermist’s Choice: Best Whitetail-Chuck Meacham

National Wild Turkey Federation “Best Turkey”-Christine Hartland

Bird Photo Challenge– Christine Hartland -Gamble

McKenzie Taxidermist’s Choice: Best Bird-Christine Hartland -PinTail

Arizona Antelope Foundation “Best Antelope Mount”-Scott Sellars

Best New Competitor-Jonathan Cazares -Axis Deer

Research Mannikins #216 Sam Pope

Award Descriptions and Prizes

BreakThrough Award (Judge’s Choice Best of Show)

The Judge’s Choice Best of Show Award should be selected by all judges, by mutual agreement, from any of the first place entries in the competition. Any entry not earning a first place is not eligible.

McKenzie Awards (Taxidermist’s Choice)

Best Whitetail
Best Bird
Best Fish
Best Lifesize Mammal

Polytranspar Award

Van Dyke’s Award

Wasco Award

The winning entry will be chosen by all of the judges from all taxidermy entries in the competition. All judges will pick their top choices from the competition according to the criteria listed here. If the judges wish, they may discuss their choices with each other, pointing out the appeal they find in their selections.

United Taxidermist Association Artisans Award

People’s Choice Award

Collective Artists

McKenzie Distinguished Service Award

Plaque and $100 gift certificate from McKenzie Taxidermy Supply. Selected by peers to the taxidermist best serving the ATA for the past year

Species Challenge Award: Antelope

Sponsored by the Arizona Antelope Association

Mule Deer Foundation Best Mule Deer

Charter Arms “Bulldog” .44 Special


ADA Best Antlered Mount

This year the Arizona Deer Association will be presenting the best antlered mount with a Tikka T3 Light in 7mm Mag


Ducks Unlimited Best Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited is awarding their “Old Coot” award to the best waterfowl at this year’s show


National Wild Turkey Federation Best Turkey

The NWTF is awarding this year’s best turkey mount with a Mossberg 835 – 22″, 3.5″ chamber, ported, with a thumbhole stock.