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Recently, the United Special Sportsmen Alliance (USSA) contacted the Arizona Taxidermy Association to see if we would be interested in participating in a “Special Kid’s Wish” pronghorn antelope hunting project for a young man named Devin Argall. Devin is a remarkable 15-year-old who is enduring a life-threatening illness, and had the desire to hunt pronghorn antelope in Arizona. All of the arrangements for his hunt were donated from various individuals and groups, but the missing part of the puzzle was someone to prepare the animal for taxidermy purposes should young Devin be successful on his hunt. ATA Vice-President Doug James received the call from USSA, and quickly made arrangements to help out in whatever way we could. Doug will personally take care of any preparation of Devin’s pronghorn that is needed, and ensure it is ready to ship out and be mounted at the studio that will be doing the taxidermy work. Doug also has the support of many taxidermists from the ATA if anything further is needed from us. As of press time, the hunt is scheduled to take place tomorrow, September 9, 2017, and VP Doug James and the Arizona Taxidermy Association will be standing by to help make Devin’s dream hunt a reality!

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Duck Mounting Seminar

Saturday, October 7, 2017 9:00AM

Kyle Thorn will be demonstrating touch points of a bird:

  • The Shake
  • Big Air, Compressed Air and Hot Air
  • Table Grooming
  • Foam Body
  • Alterations
  • The 80/20 Rule
Seminar will be at: Lonnie Amator Shop Peoria, AZ Cost: Members $15.00 Non-member- $75.00 Please RSVP: Suzi James at 623-224-0158 or

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